Kimberly cropped editedAs a photographer there are very few images of myself, as I am always on the other side of the lens. At this point in my life, a 35 year old single mother of two, like all women there are things about myself that I do not like, some days even loath. During my session with Pamela she made me feel comfortable and beautiful the entire time.

I did not express to Pamela what my dislikes about my body were and it was interesting throughout the session that the things I dislike the most were the things she was so excited about and loved about my body. As women we stare into the mirror with eyes to criticize our appearance, but through my session I learned that the way other people see me is vastly different then the way I see myself.

When I saw my images I was in love, surely that is not the same girl that I belittle daily when I look in the mirror, that can’t possibly be the same woman I talk so poorly about in my own head. She’s beautiful.

I am elated to be able to have these images of myself, not just to pass along to my two children, but for myself. Every time I look at them I see the woman that Pamela saw and that other people see and I am proud to be that woman, to have made it this far in my journey and I celebrate the body I am in because Pamela showed me that through her lens there is no distortion of what others see within me.
– Kimberly Armstrong

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