So… one of the things that I hear from clients is that they were waiting to lose weight before we did a dream photoshoot with me and they wish they wouldn’t have waited. As a busy homeschooling mom of 3, I hear you as my weight yo-yo’s up and down. In this photoshoot with my girlfriend Pamela Yarnell Tuckey yesterday, I had excuses. I was sick (probably mono’d from my kids), wear a size 16 (for the moment) and had to be creative with what to wear. In this shoot, we turned my Target black neck scarf into a skirt, $19.99 wig (sorry, bad hair day), also turned a skinny girl jacket around and made it into a shirt and we just had fun. With the right posing, weight or lack of, is never an issue. This is how these Modern Glam sessions work. We play hard as we are and with what we have in the moment and then go home. Simple. Then you have some pretty awesome archival portraits to remember the experience. These are great Mother’s day gifts for Father’s day presents.

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