I am not an individual who likes to have her picture taken. I tend to maneuver to the back or take the pictures but Pamela made me want to be a model. From the second I agreed to a shoot she provided me with tips and information on how to make the day amazing. Her calm, sweet spirit transcends into her work flow and every second in engulfed with an essence of splendor. I was relaxed, happy and calm throughout the carefully thought out session.

The icing on the cake was the photo reveal. I expected a few good shoots but I was floored by her creative and amazing work, I was literally in awe. For a photographer getting a good shoot may come easy but capturing the pure essence of someone’s personality is a gift and a gift she possesses.

Please do not hesitate to book now and be transformed into your inner self that comes through with an external possession, for Pamela is a genius.
– Daphne Arrington

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